Youth Capacity Building Workshop.

YEST-IN in partnership with other development oriented organisations in Buea (MIA and GGTECH) organised a one day youth capacity building workshop under the theme “Youths and a new developmental mind set – Achieving Agenda 2030.”  This workshop took place at the Landmark University Conference center-Buea Cameroon on November 16th 2019.

We had in attendance over 100 youths with 30 females with over 20 pledging to become members of YEST-IN members and volunteers. This number gives a clear reflection of youths interest in taking part in the development of their community.

Youths were briefed on key aspects of life such as: career orientation, youth sustainability, volunteerism among others. With Volunteerism being a key tool needed to speed up development in most Cameroonian localities, participants benefited from the expertise knowledge on volunteerism from Mr. Gwei Michael, YEST-IN founder and executive director.

At the end of this session certificates were awarded to all registered participants to help boost their Curriculum vitae as clearly illustrated by Dr Derick Awambeng, who gave youths wonderful insights on building their CV daily through volunteerism and community action.

YEST-IN looks forward to organizing more workshops in a bid to achieve the sustainable development goal as well as Agenda 2030 by highly promoting networking and career development of its members.


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