Become a Volunteer

Our yearly volunteer program helps youths identify the role they have to play in the development of their community and how to engage in it using tools from their areas of predilection.


Through our Community Events you can offer life-changing experiences that can help you throughout your academic and professional path.


Through our volunteer program, we will help you build a portfolio attractive to international audience  (scholarships, fellowships and conferences).


Through our networking with field experts and professional guru’s in your area of interest, we will equip you for a better career.

Volunteer Areas

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Become a Volunteer

Because we care for each youth, becoming a volunteer comes with filling the form and signing up for YEST-IN membership. Visit our membership page and ensure you are part of our great team.


Our professional networks and bonds form a community.


Our contacts, friends and colleagues make us international.

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We add value to young Africans


We champion development in Our Community