Project PVCA Phase I

Macro-propagation through the PIF technique

Coined as part of a joint commitment between YEST-IN and its partners, the goal of this project is to stimulate agricultural growth within Africa through youth empowerment. The drawing board strategy is to boost production of local staples through innovative execution of agricultural “savoir faire” starting from Plantain a local delicacy eaten in various forms.

This involves a drill through the process of plantain PIF multiplication technique. A stem of the ground breaking work of our own Dr. Kwamo Maurice which titivates plantain buds in the form of X-plants to rapidly replicate and multiply in number. The technique enables a farmer reap averagely 30 plant-lets from a single sucker stress free.


The technique involves;

  • Building of propagator unit,
  • Scarification of the plantain comb,
  • Dressing of the pseudo-stem,
  • Make-up to X-plants,
  • Inoculation of X plant and treatment of propagator, and
  • Stocking propagator.

The advantages of the technique are innumerable but a few we shall list.

  • It enables the farmer save cost of purchase of planting material,
  • It is a preventive measure to disease transfer from one farm to the other,
  • It enables uniform maturity of farm,
  • It reduces planting stress
  • enables you grow the plantain breed that suits your off farm agribusiness activity etc.

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