Nervtek Community challenge

A Hardware ecosystem for Sustainable Development

The Community Challenge aimed at empowering and inspiring tech enthusiasts with digital skills to build innovative hardware solutions to solve problems in their communities/environment. The Nervtek Community also promotes entrepreneurship so that tech enthusiasts can make their ideas marketable or turn their projects/solutions into a business.

1st Edition of the challenge.

As a mission to promote Scientific and Technological innovation, YEST-IN sponsored the long-awaited and very first edition of the Nervtek Community Challenge which held on Saturday 18th, July 2020 in Buea, Cameroon.

The Nervtek Community Challenge was an amazing opportunity for young tech enthusiasts to showcase their skills through the design and implementation of innovative hardware solutions in the field of Robotics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Embedded Systems, Drones, and Electronics for sustainable community development.

Project exhibitions

During the event, participants presented 8 innovative hardware projects they’ve worked on:

  1. A Power Bank.: This project simply seeks to eradicate frequent blackouts in our community.
  1. Soil Moisture Detector Sensor: The system detects water level in the soil and does automatic irrigation.
  1. Smart Dustbin + Hand Sanitizer: The dustbin makes use of a sensing device which controls the opening and closing of the dustbin automatically plus a hand sanitizer use for sanitizing after disposing dirt into the dustbin.
  1. Multi-functional Circuit: We want to build a multi-functional circuit which comprises of electrical/electronic systems to develop our community especially those in remote areas.
  1. Automatic Temperature/Humidity Regulator: This is a system where someone is able to view the temperature and humidity values of a particular room for example and alter them remotely.
  2. A Robotic Arm: A robotic arm which can be controlled remotely with a mobile phone and perform actions on given instructions.
  3. A Metal Detector: aimed to detect metals amidst school environments so as to curb the violence in schools.
  4. HARM Security System: We are working on an anti-theft security system whereby there’s an alarm when someone passes through a sensitive area. It detects human presence and starts alarming.

The juries, guests, and attendees were thrilled by the presentations from the participants. This was followed by a talk (How to make a project/idea marketable) from Mr. Mukete Davidson, who is an Ambassador of the Future African Leaders Foundation.

Project winners

The juries deliberated on the results and finally announced the top 3️⃣ winners of the Nervtek Community Challenge 2020.

  • 1st Prize winner: The multifunctional circuit. (BGS Molyko)
  • 2nd Prize winner: The Metal Detector. (University of Buea)
  • 3rd Prize Winner: Smart Dustbin + Hand Sanitizer. (University of Buea)

The event was heavily attended by some great personalities and Tech gurus from far and near.

Mr.George Babila (Director Landmark University), Mr.Mukete Davidson (Ambassador at FALA), George Enow (Award winning entrepreneur), Felix Fomengia (Founder and Lead Developer Cameroon GCE guide App), Yannick Wafo (TME Education Ambassador), Mbah Matt-Klaus (Software Developer).


Partners in the event

Future African Leaders Foundation (FALF), YEST-Initiative Cameroon, Summit Tech, Njaka- African Kids for A Digital Tomorrow, Fly Russia, Elite Studio Design, New Generation Technologies Ltd, TME Education, RobotSave.

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