ICT for Teenagers (ICT4Teens)

About ICT4Teens

Digital skills and digital literacy are an essential component in the fourth industrial revolution. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United nations, YEST-IN finds the ICT4Teens project as a suitable niche in engaging teenagers to sustainable development and technological advancements.

As one of our commitments to social change, YEST-IN is investing intensively in digital skills transfer and digital skills acquisition for teenagers in Cameroon. By engaging teens in STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education.

In collaboration with our partners (Emma4Christ LTD & Koshin Crane-CO LTD Japan), the ICT4Teens project will equip teenagers with the necessary skills set to begin engaging in technological and scientific innovation.

Our Approach

Through this four step approach, we intend to create lasting impact in the teens as we develop a new paradigm of change.

Identifying Problems

In line with the SDGs, the project aims at identifying relevant problems in our community
which teens can gain mastery of ICT’s through solving such problems. 

Proposing Solutions

Digital economic programs all over the world calls for more digital solutions which can address daily human problems. Together we look through the tunnel for the solutions which are making changes in our own world.

Promoting Digital Literacy

Providing skills from basic level to advanced level to teens. Through the various tech tools available, these teens will get hands on skills with some emerging ICTs.

Through hands-on projects, we shall provide these teens the experience in problem solving using ICTs. A variety of hands-on projects shall aid in expanding teens horizons in problem solving.

Our innovative well planned training modules give teenagers the impetus they need to engage in community development. This project aims to build seeds for the future

What colonization and what conflict has done to this continent will be nothing compared to what a digital poverty will do if we don’t make sure our communities are resilient and have the right stamina to engage in lasting change.

Our Progress

You can make a change too

Are you passionate in sharing in this great mission of creating change, you can partner with us to make this dream a reality.

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