About US

Who We Are

Youth Empowerment through Science and Technology Initiative – YEST-In.

Advancing Africa’s development through Science and Digital Innovation”.

Our Vision

We envision an African society where no youth is left behind in the implementation of the 2063 Sustainable Development Goals agenda and the development train. We bring to lime light the imagination, creativity, originality and innovative skills and ideas of African youth with the intention of using Science and Digital Innovation to ensure sustainable development of our local communities.






Youths Involved

Our Mission

Our organization is a youth-centric volunteering network which promotes the use of Science and Digital Innovation for development in Africa. We encourage the use of Science, digital technologies and information and communication technologies as a democratized and decentralized means to approach development challenges, including areas to

Improve health and education in Africa
Increase inclusion for marginalized groups
Provide better transparency and tools to hold governments and other institutions to account
Offer new and novel ways to improve quality of life
Stimulate economic and fiscal growth
Improve Agriculture and Nutrition in Africa

In the scope of our organization, we seek to clearly define pathways that lead to impact, that arise from the rapidly evolving spaces in which youth volunteerism is colliding with sustainable development goals.

We design or develop community solutions to locally identified developmental  challenges that can result in meaningful and scalable impact within the African context.

Our Projects

We carryout volunteerism, advocacy, research, networking, digital literacy and digital innovation skills building in the following thematic areas; Digital Health, Digital Agriculture, Digital Rights and Smart Communities.


Membership to YEST Initiative shall be open to anyone who is interested in helping the group to achieve its aim and is willing to abide by the rules of the group. What type of member do you wish to become? Check out our membership classes.

Ordinary members
Any person who is interested or concerned about Community Development, Science and Technology. They apply normally under the youth category and their files will be studied prior to admission into the organization. Registration for youths and/or students shall cost a compulsory 10$ per the rules governing the initiative.
Donor members
They include any public or private sector corporation or and individual contributing 500 USD or more. And any government undertaking contributing 1000 USD or more towards building up of the success of the initiative. Any foreign body or committee willing to partner in development can equally support us to make our dreams a reality.
Institutional members
Any academic or Non-Governmental body, or local based organization some of which include a University, Department, Registered society or trust interested in academic, science, technology and sustainable development goals.
Cooperate members
Any public or private corporation contributing 1000USD or more towards building up of initiative, and empowering local youths. Organizations having volunteering placements, development centers, job vacancies, training schemes and others can partner with us to build our community.